1. The League of Moveable Type

    the league of moveable type

    The League of Moveable Type started when we saw a thread on Typophile calling for type designers for an open-source font project. We saw the negative reaction that it got from a lot of people, and thought that we ought to do something about it, with the possibilities of what we can do with @font-face, it seemed like too good of an idea to just let die.

    We realized that there are a lot of free fonts out there, but more than just giving away free stuff, being designers (and most of our work involving the web) we wanted to raise the standard of typography and design on the web. So we came up with the idea for an open-source type foundry, where we focus on quality not quantity, so we can provide people with hand-picked quality fonts.

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  2. a good portfolio™

    a good portfolio

    After meeting so many concept artists, product designers, and illustrators who wanted absolutely nothing to do with the interwebs, we realized we could help. Being mostly students, they just didn't have the funds to commission a custom portfolio, but still very seriously needed one. We set forth a web application, to give these artists a professional portfolio, on a student's budget.

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  3. Lettercase


    With the huge success of The League, and the growing interest in web fonts, we realized that there’s a real market that we can cater to. Our goal is to create the first social font manager. Lettercase is still in it’s infancy, and we’re working hard to launch its first phase.

    Go sign up here, so we can let you know when it’s launched!

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  4. IRS.gov Redesign


    We entered this contest by Sunlight Labs called Design for America. It’s a contest that focuses on using art and design to make government data and the government’s presence on the web more accessible to people.

    We thought it’d be a fun challenge to try to redesign the IRS.gov. Our goal for the redesign is to help the IRS achieve its mission to “provide America’s taxpayers [with] top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities.”

    You can read all about the IRS.gov redesign here. You can also see the preview here.

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  5. Sidepaths


    The Sidepaths team came to us with a general product idea for an online community that provides tools to gather, create, and share authentic experiences centered around hidden gems and local hangouts often overlooked by large publishers’ generic guide books.

    We all have different tastes and by democratizing the publishing of travel information, Sidepaths aims to help travelers create the paths that best fit their individual interests.

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  6. tiny designers, big ideas

    big ideas

    We read so many useful blogs, and after having talked about it for a while, we agreed we should have our own.

    We wanted to make a place to share what we learn about business, design, and awesome stuff, and we wanted it to be personal. Our portfolio is a great example of one way we think: simple, concise, balanced. But our blog can show our more fun, intimate, and goofy side.

    Check it out, we're sure you'll find something you like.

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  7. thegoodsideof.us


    Our senior year of college, we had an opportunity – we could do whatever we wanted for thesis. We wanted to do something that made a difference, something that was bigger than ourselves, and might actually help people.

    Thing is, some of the most moving things we'd ever experienced weren't that big a deal. When we found a stranger that did something nice, it changed the whole day, and more importantly, our whole perspective. We did some research, and found we weren't alone. We not only wanted to hear about these things, we wanted to make them happen.

    One handmade website, one amazing event, and one senior show later, we realized we'd found a fantastic ideal, a fantastic team, and a foundation for the company you see before you today.

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  8. sunset cinema

    sunset cinema

    Created as a spec branding exercise, we took Sunset Cinema, the outdoor walk-in movie theater company, and invented a system that fits their unique position in the movie theater market. We gave them a custom logotype (including a custom modified typeface), an identity booklet, business cards, letterheads, multiple advertisements, and food packaging. Sick.

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  9. birdbath bakery


    Birdbath bakery is an eco-friendly, super-delicious bakery located in East Village, NYC, with a sister shop in Brentwood, LA. As a pro-bono project, we gave them a new branding, with a logo, photography, and a website. As a thank you, they gave us some magnificent pastries. They were probably the tastiest pastries we'd ever met. Those were some fantastic pastries.

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  10. About A Good Company™

    Back to Top Micah

    Say hello to Micah.
    As one of the original founders of A Good Company, he can tell you a bit about our philosophy.

    We believe that our super-powers can be used for the betterment of humankind, so we've come together to make it happen. A Good Company™ means more than simple beauty: we think design can help people. We're aiming for the little guys, but we got big plans.

    Our passion is purpose, so if you've got something up our alley, say hello@weareagoodcompany.com or on twitter, @agoodcompany! Take a peek at what we're working on right now!