The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type started when we saw a thread on Typophile calling for type designers for an open-source font project. We saw the negative reaction that it got from a lot of people, and thought that we ought to do something about it, with the possibilities of what we can do with @font-face, it seemed like too good of an idea to just let die.

We realized that there are a lot of free fonts out there, but more than just giving away free stuff, being designers (and most of our work involving the web) we wanted to raise the standard of typography and design on the web. So we came up with the idea for an open-source type foundry, where we focus on quality not quantity, so we can provide people with hand-picked quality fonts.

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Open Source Fonts

In the beginning, we started with one font: Junction. Since then a handful of type designers have joined our cause and contributed their fonts to our library. Now we have a number of high quality fonts in our collection. League Gothic, a revival of Alternate Gothic, which we created ourselves, is among one of our most popular fonts. Go check out the rest of our library.