Our senior year of college, we had an opportunity – we could do whatever we wanted for thesis. We wanted to do something that made a difference, something that was bigger than ourselves, and might actually help people.

Thing is, some of the most moving things we'd ever experienced weren't that big a deal. When we found a stranger that did something nice, it changed the whole day, and more importantly, our whole perspective. We did some research, and found we weren't alone. We not only wanted to hear about these things, we wanted to make them happen.

One handmade website, one amazing event, and one senior show later, we realized we'd found a fantastic ideal, a fantastic team, and a foundation for the company you see before you today. screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Good Deed Inspirational Posters

We took three stories that people shared on the site and we wanted to make inspirational posters out of them. After shifting through a bunch of them, we finally picked one about someone giving out ice cream bars during a hot day in the computer lab, a man who picked up the tab for a group of strangers in a restaurant, and a boyfriend giving words of comfort to his girlfriend when she needed it. All the little things that make life better.

Good Deed Poster 2 Good Deed Poster 2 Good Deed Poster 3

The User Connection Map

After we launched, we kept track of all the users we got within the first seven days. We want to know when people joined, how they had heard about it, and where they're located. We want to create an info graphic out of the data we collected, to see how far this movement can go. It's a way to motivate ourselves and others, to try to take this as far as we possibly could.

User Connection Map

The Mini Deed book

For the Senior Show, we wanted a part of our project that people can take away with them, so we made these mini booklets filled with inspirational stories of little good deeds that people had shared on our site.

The Mini Deed book

Otis Senior Show

The Senior Show is our chance to finally unveil our labor of love to the general public. People from the industry, alumni, our friends and family members, people from the Otis community, they all come together to experience what we've been working on all year. We set up a little computer booth, where people can sign up, we made all kinds of giveaways for people to take home: buttons, stickers, t-shirts, booklets. Everyone was very excited about the giveaways, but more importantly about the idea behind It was the first event we've ever had to put on, and it was a great success. It was undoubtedly one of the most exciting and proudest moments of our lives.

Otis Senior Show 1 Otis Senior Show 2 Otis Senior Show 3