The Sidepaths team came to us with a general product idea for an online community that provides tools to gather, create, and share authentic experiences centered around hidden gems and local hangouts often overlooked by large publishers’ generic guide books.

We all have different tastes and by democratizing the publishing of travel information, Sidepaths aims to help travelers create the paths that best fit their individual interests.

The Branding

For the identity system we want something that’s fun and friendly, and yet simple and easy to understand.

We thought it’d be fun to have a retro kind of look, something graphic and simple, but also fun and colorful. We took our inspiration from 50’s travel posters and brochures, and give it a modern spin. We ended up with these colorful illustrations paired with simple and bold typography.

Sidepaths iconsSidepaths illustrationsSidepaths logo

The Interface

Once we had a direction for the branding, we took the design a step further and came up with design ideas for the interface. We centered the design around Paths. A path is a collection of Point of Interests, like a travel trail that people can follow, it includes tips and stories from the creator. The idea is collect a database of user generated paths, so people can find paths and travel tips that suits their interest. So we want an interface that would make it easy for people to create and find paths.

Sidepaths create a path pageSidepaths find paths pageSidepaths home page