IRS Redesign

We entered this contest by Sunlight Labs called Design for America. It’s a contest that focuses on using art and design to make government data and the government’s presence on the web more accessible to people.

We thought it’d be a fun challenge to try to redesign the Our goal for the redesign is to help the IRS achieve its mission to “provide America’s taxpayers [with] top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities.”

You can read all about the redesign here. You can also see the preview here. Redesign article

The Redesign

The idea behind the redesign is that the IRS presence on the web could be used as a powerful tool to educate people about their taxes, helping the average American understand how and why they pay taxes.

And helping people understand the tax system is not only useful in helping them meet their tax obligations, but it fosters trust between people and the government, because the first step to trust is understanding. home page dashboard current taxes pie chart