A Good Portfolio™

After meeting so many concept artists, product designers, and illustrators who wanted absolutely nothing to do with the interwebs, we realized we could help. Being mostly students, they just didn't have the funds to commission a custom portfolio, but still very seriously needed one. We set forth a web application, to give these artists a professional portfolio, on a student's budget.

You can personalize it by uploading your own logo, you can organize your work by projects or categories, you name it. The drag and drop sorting makes it super easy to use and update, and you can go sign up now!

A Good Portfolio home page A Good Portfolio feature page

The Back-End

We spent a lot of time crafting a user-friendly backend. We want to make organizing portfolio not only easy, but fun, so we came up with a drag and drop sorting for organizing images.

A Good Portfolio backend A Good Portfolio backend

Themes & Portfolios

On the theme park, you can choose from a handful of different themes for your portfolio. You can customize the themes by upgrading to a paid subscription.

Portfolio examples Portfolio examples Portfolio examples