How does this work?

So you've seen our portfolio, and you think it looks good. Sweet, we do, too! We get psyched about cool projects really easily, but honestly, we get a lot of inquiries about design help, new projects, and other cool stuff. To help you figure out how to get going on the right foot, here are some questions you might be curious about.

  1. What services do you guys offer, exactly?

    We're glad you asked. We've got a wide range of design skills in our back pocket to help you reach your goals. Here's a good, specific list:

    • Web Design & Development

      • HTML & CSS for serious site-making
      • JQuery as our javascript-of-choice
      • Ruby on Rails & Sinatra frameworks for advanced development
    • Branding & Identity

    • Illustration & Photography (ooh, fun!)

    • User Interfaces & User Experience

      • iPhone Apps (we've built a few ourselves, and we design them fantastically)
      • Web Applications (we've made a bunch of our own, and for our clients, too!)
    • Print Design

    When it comes down to it, we're thinkers, and it's what drives us. We have no interest in being pixel pushers, and we take great pride in helping you come up with good ideas. All in all, we may have might, but our biggest strength is our brains.

  2. How do I get started with this cool project I have?

    Good question. Working together is really like starting a relationship, so we want to get started on the right foot. There's a couple pieces of information, that if you can share with us up front, will help us figure out how exactly we can help you. We recommend emailing us answers to:

    • What's your project?

      Give us a summary, and consider it an elevator pitch. We're sure it's a good idea, so sell it!

    • What do you really need help with?

      Is it the interface design, or just the design of the homepage? Maybe you really need a new logo, or maybe you're looking for a character illustration. Be specific, and tell us as much as you can!

    • What's your timeline?

      Sometimes it's ok if a project takes time. Tell us how much time you have (preferably "whenever it's done!", but amount of time in weeks or months works, too). If you really need it ASAP, tell us, but know that it's way less fun, and often means we have to skip important parts of the process to make sure it's done when you need it.

    • What's your budget?

      Oof, that one's a doozy. Usually the rule is not to be the first to say a number, so it may feel like we're playing hardball by asking up front. But we're not trying to play ball at all – we're on your side, and if you can be upfront with us about that number that's in your head, we can be upfront with you about how we can work with it. Trust goes a long way, and we're sure you won't regret telling us.

    • Why are we a good fit?

      Why do you want to work with us, specifically? Don't get us wrong here – we're flattered! But did you see something that made you think, "I want A Good Company?" That reference might give us a better idea of what direction you want to go in.

  3. What happens after I tell you about my project?

    Ok, so you've emailed us, telling us all kinds of good info and getting us all excited about your project. We like to start off the process with having a phone call. Together, we'll figure out a timeline, milestones (what gets done when), and prioritize what you need.

  4. Ok, but... how much is this gonna cost?

    When it comes down to it, these things take time... and money. In order to have a really good relationship here, we need to understand as much as possible about what you'll need. In those rare instances when we don't, it can lead to us having different expectations for the end goal – which leads to sad faces all around.

    Coming up with project costs doesn't have to be a poker tournament. It's about working together so that we can come up with a number we're both comfortable with. The Right Price for a project is the number that makes both of us happy. You feel confident about the money you're spending to get your project off the ground, and we feel appreciated for our time, effort, and expertise.

  5. So how do you guys work? What's the process?

    First step – once we have all this information, we'll draw up a project proposal & estimate for you. This is our way of saying: "This is what we'll do, this is how long it'll take, and this is how much it's gonna cost." If it looks good, we're in business!

    From then, we launch the awesome process of collaboration. Your most important role as the client is to find problems, and we'll fix them. Often, there's a confusion because the client-designer roles aren't properly defined. Sometimes clients offer potential solutions instead of explaining problems, and designers often don't deliver what the client was hoping, because they simply misunderstood the real issue.

    We don't want that, and neither do you. Help us find those problems, and trust us to come up with smart solutions & great designs. Working together where our jobs are codependent makes us both feel great about the final product.

  6. Is working remotely really gonna work?

    We've been doing this a long time, and we've got it down pretty well. There are so many good ways to communicate, and most often we find Basecamp (our company intranet) to be a great way to have discussions and keep the work-in-progress organized over multiple timezones and sometimes different continents. It's easy to get on the phone or have a face-to-face Skype chat. It really works; there's nothing to worry about.

Now what? Email us! Ask us more questions, give us information, and say hi. If you think we can make something awesome together, then let us know. Say, @agoodcompany on twitter, or with this shiny button right here: