Branding is more than just a logo,
it’s the soul of your business.

Whether you’re running a million dollar biotech company or whether you’re starting the next big internet startup, there’s one important thing that every company needs, that most companies get wrong.


You know you need a logo, that’s obvious. You’ll need it for your website, for business cards, for making your company look like it wasn’t assembled by a bunch of middle school kids in their parent’s garage. You know you need company colors, and you know you need to have good, quality fonts that you use for everything, so your company can look cohesive and intelligent and put-together.

But it’s hard to find a good design team. And it’s even harder to find a good design team that’ll help make your branding look the way you want it to.

Well – we aren’t that team. Because we don’t design for you. We design for your customer.

The biggest, most common mistake companies make when working with design teams –

At least for most businesses, there’s one single, important mistake that everyone makes when they need help from a design team. We’ve seen it a million times, and it’s understandable –

They tell the designers what they want.

We can’t blame anybody – that’s sort of how you’d naturally expect paying for design to work. That’s how IKEA works – you decide which thing you want in your living room, and you pay money for it.

And in fact, when we used to be freelancers way back when, we thought that was how things worked, because we wanted our clients to be happy in the end.

Obviously we still want you to be happy, but over the many, many projects in the last 5 years, and through the pleasure and insight from helping countless small & big name clients, we learned something unbelievably, excruciatingly important.

It’s not about you – it’s always, most definitely, about your customers.

Despite the natural expectation that design should be based on personal preference, the truth is your business isn’t built on personal preference – it’s built on solving your customer’s problems.

You broke into the market because there were a bunch of people out there that had spent far too much time, energy, and money trying to work around a serious, painful problem – and you had the know-how and means to provide a real and helpful solution for them.

Your company is built for your customers. To save them time. To save them money. To save them headache and pain and frustration.

And without a doubt, your customers love what you offer them – if you didn’t, you wouldn’t still be in business, right?

We don’t brand your company. Instead, we brand your business.

We take the exact same mentality, and apply it to our design.

We brand based on your business – that part of your company that exists for your customers. We brand based on what your customers will resonate with. What will speak to them, and mean something.

We have a process, of course, that helps us figure out what you want your company to be to your customers. To learn how you want your customers to feel about you and what kind of customers you want to focus on.

But our constant, expert focus is always targeted not at what you like, but what makes sense for your customers.

Cutting out the fluff of your standard, run-of-the-mill design process

Now, normally, working with a professional design team means spending weeks and weeks going back and forth, discussing & refining, trying to find the right heading just to steer the ship. You rarely have a clue of how long that will take, or how much money you’re looking at.

You go in wanting a new brand for your company, and you end up paying an entire agency’s worth of people to sit around aimlessly trying to find something you’ll like.

For a company like yours, even if you’re super successful and positively swimming in bitcoins and deutsche marks – that’s a waste of time, and that’s a waste of money.

But by utilizing our laser-focus on your customers and how they think of your business, we skip all the fluff of how most design companies work.

Instead of deciding whether everyone on your team likes that shade of blue, or thinks that particular font is a bit too boring, we talk about what your customers need, and what will help them feel good about this new brand.

And instead of spending weeks figure out which direction to go, we have a process that front-loads all of our information-gathering in the beginning, so by the time we're designing, we know what we’re designing, who it’s for, and how it’ll help your business get where you want it to be.

By agreeing on your goals in the beginning, you spend less money, and have less stress – because we're working on a direction we all know will be good for your bottom line.

The Process That’s Focused On Your Business™

  1. The first, and most important part of the process, is what we call the Branding Audit. We schedule an few hours first thing to talk shop about who your company is and what you do for your customers. We’ll drill you about your products or services, we’ll talk about your intimate financial numbers, and we’ll make sure you’ve given us enough to provide a practical, deep understanding of your business goals.
  2. From there, we draw up your Branding Analysis, working together to fill out a few questionnaires and finishing a report we’ve designed that will help our designers know what’s up, and help you make sure we picked up everything you were putting down.
  3. Now our designers have enough to get to work, and they take all our information and research about your business, your goals, and your customers, and craft something that’ll resonate with those customers. Instead of going back and forth showing you concepts and ideas to have you approve them, we use our experience and research to find one idea that will work the best to make your business serve its customers. No fluff.
  4. We build you more than just a few logo files & send you some fonts. We take a little bit of extra time, and we build an entire Branding Guide just for you. It won’t be a long guide, but it’ll cover your company’s goals, talk about who your customers are and how you help them, and describe how to use your new logo, colors, and typography.

Deliverables, hand-crafted just for you

For a simple, up-front price, and in the complete span of four stress-free weeks, you get to walk away with:

For the company that wants a better business

If you’re interested in more than a shiny coat of paint & you want a new brand that focuses on your customers – check out our options below.